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Welcome to B-EARN’s Litecoin faucet

In Litecoin faucet you can claim a very small amount of Litecoins on every claim. It is absolutely free to use.

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Claim Litecoin every 60 minutes

Depending on the number you rolled the payouts for each claim will be as following:

  1. 0-9885 – $0.0003
  2. 9886-9985 – $0.05
  3. 9986-9993 – $0.2
  4. 9994-9997 – $1
  5. 9998-9999 – $20
  6. 10000-10000 – $250

You must have valid litecoin address linked to FaucetHub to recieve payouts. Otherwise your address will be banned and claimed satoshis lost! This is a reminder message.

Payed in total: 20,280,855 Litoshi

  1. Solve the captcha
  2. Enter your Litecoin address
  3. Click on Claim Litecoin button
  4. Number from 0 to 10 000 will be rolled
  5. Depending on rolled number you will receive your payment

Each time you claim your account rolles number from 0 to 10 000, depending on the rolled number you will receive litecoin satoshis depending on the current rate of US Dollars to Litecoin. Payments are done automatically, if you reach minimum threshold of 50 000 Liticoin satoshis, every 20 minutes to FaucetHub. Your balance can be checked here.

If captcha verification failed try one more time. Usualy it takes 1-2 attempts to solve it
You should be logged in to claim Litoshi

Please remember to refresh the page if browser was open for too long as the captcha may have expired



If you claim over 20 times in 24 hours or cheat you will be banned permanently and will not get your payout.

Only addresses linked to profiles will be paid

Earn 30% referral commission